The South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative Overseas Program includes a semester abroad of training in a critical South Asian language, life-changing cultural exposure, and real-world business experience. You will acquire the skills you need to excel in your field.

SASLI Summer Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Intensive Urdu and Hindi  will be offered  in summer 2016 targeting applicants who have limited  proficiency or who have no previous experience in their chosen target language.The program is designed to prepare participants for overseas study. The university of Wisconsin-Madison will host and administer the summer program at the South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI).

SAFLI Overseas Fall Programs in India

The overseas component of the South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative, administered by American Councils,  focuses on enabling participants to reach further proficiency in the chosen South Asian language in an immersion environment. The program is carefully designed to make the most of what each overseas location has to offer. The overseas language programs available in fall 2016 for Hindi in Jaipur and Urdu in Lucknow, India,  will be hosted by the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS).


Registration: American Councils will contact Boren award recipients in mid-April with registration information for the overseas programs.

SAFLI Boren Scholarships and Fellowships

The South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative (SAFLI) is designed to increase the number of Boren Scholars and Fellows engaged in the study of critical South Asian languages, and ultimately, to help meet the critical need for specialists in a range of academic and professional fields who can operate effectively in these languages. Qualified applicants are eligible to apply for Boren Scholarships or Boren Fellowships